Our Services

(1) General electronic parts sales:
We offer voltage regular, voltage detector IC, step-up DC/DC IC, LCD driver IC, MOSFET, LCD LCD games, calculators IC, LED driver IC, speech IC, touch-sensor IC, audio amplifier IC, EL-driver IC, simple 8 bit I/O type OTP MCU, high-precision single-chip 8bit ADC OTP microcontroller, motor driver IC, etc.
(2) Special IC solution sales:
  Referring to the market and customers requirement, we can offer:-
1. electronic scales
  • boot body weight scale
• kitchen scale
• fat scale
• hanging scale
• Pocket scale
• pricing scale
2. fan
  • ceiling fan
• tower fan
• li fan
• air conditioning fan
• warm fan
3. coffee maker
  • LED display coffee maker
• digital display coffee maker
• LCD display coffee maker
4. Straight hairpin
  • LED straight hairpin
• digital display straight hairpin
• LCD display straight hairpin
5. Remote controller
  • standard code remote controller
• non-standard code remote controller
• universal remote controller
• learning remote controller
6. game
  • handheld game
• pet game
7. measurement
  • digital multi-meter (DMM)
• ear thermometer
8. others
  • motor driver
  low-voltage motor control driver: belt 12V, 5V, Hall and brushless motor control
  high-voltage motor control driver
• AC/DC conversion
  Flyback: power adapter, charger, LED driver, etc.;
  LLC, half-bridge: ATX, lamp driven power, TV monitors;
  power factor correction circuit;
• lighting system
  low voltage, low on-resistance: DC/DC converter circuit, PC, PDA, HP, NB, LED drivers;
  high voltage MOS: AC/DC adapter, power supply, network products, battery charger,
  led driver,lamps, high-voltage motor driver.
(3) Special MCU/ASIC design and sales:
referring to customers enquiry, we can help them not only MCU program design but also to set up product's specification, electronic circuit design, PCB layout, production arrangement, also we have facilities helping customers to handle die bonding,、module assembling and program burning into IC etc.
We welcome any OEM or ODM customers for either new design or cost down Projects.

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